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ecoMAX® Cool products are paper-based, fully sustainable, cold-chain packaging providing superior thermal efficacy for refrigerated and frozen goods. Made of 100% recycled materials, it is 100% curbside recyclable, biodegradable and compostable.

The best, fully sustainable solutions

Insulated Packaging Benefits

Superior Product Performance
• Engineered to absorb leaks, spills, and specifically condensation

Tissue contains water repellant technology helping to keep the insulation dry

ecomax cool packaging

Tissue absorbs up to 12x its weight to protect against leaks and spills while maintaining package integrity

High basis weight kraft paper does NOT adhere to the internal payload AND provides a semi-permeable barrier transferring condensation away from the payload

Step 3 box with eco cool liners

Superior Cold-Chain Packaging Product Performance
• Keeps temperature longer than PET / Plastic Bubble Foil under the same conditions
• Different liner thicknesses available to address specific customer needs

ecoMAX® Cool Standard Liner vs Bubble Foil Liner

Testing was run using 12x12x12 box for 35hrs using like for like pack outs

ecoMAX® Cool Medium Liner vs PET 1 inch Liner

Testing was run using 12x12x12 box for 48hrs using like for like pack outs