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Formerly Versa-Pak®

ecoMAX® Care products are made using patented Hydro-Crepe® technology that bond multiple layers of high stretch tissue paper into liners that conform to payload, absorb spills, leaks and condensation and provide insulation for temperature variation during shipping. Made of 100% recyclable packaging materials, ecoMAX® Care is 100% curbside recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable.

Trade up to 100% Sustainable Recyclable Packaging

eco care packaging in box

Insulating power against extreme temperatures

eco care roll with hand for eco max material

100% curbside recyclable with no plastic or non-sustainable binders

white eco max care packaging material

Absorbs up to 12x’s its weight to protect against spills and condensation. Soft and non-abrasive. Won’t scratch delicate surfaces.

ecomax care protective packaging

Flexible and stretchable, fits around odd-shaped items