The NPS Holdings leadership team guides strategic direction, supports ingenuity, the advancement of our employees, and is on a quest to drive profitable growth.

Jim Brown CEO

Jim Brown
President and Chief Executive Officer

Headshot of Cliff Barber

Cliff Barber
Vice President, Supply Chain

Headshot of Michelle Basten

Michelle Basten
Chief Financial Officer

Headshot of Angie Bergstrom

Angie Bergstrom
Director, HR & Organizational Development

Headshot of Joe Durkin

Joe Durkin
Vice President, Sales

Headshot of Brian Engum

Brian Engum
Vice President, IT and Business Intelligence

Headshot Dave Hallock

Dave Hallock
Vice President, Growth Projects

Headshot of Sean Johnston

Shane Johnston
Vice President, Operations

Headshot of Jason Rottier

Jason Rottier
Vice President, Marketing & Packaging Sales