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ecoMAX® Cool long duration, summer pack out products are paper-based cold-chain packaging providing superior thermal efficacy for refrigerated and frozen products. Made of recycled materials that are 100% curbside recyclable.

Fully sustainable, curbside recyclable solutions

Highest-performing cold chain insulation for refrigerated and frozen shipments

Superior Product Performance

  • Engineered to absorb leaks, spills, and specifically condensation
  • Designed for both refrigerated and frozen products

Summer shipping? No sweat.

-Multi-layers of tissue encapsulated in Kraft paper keeps products cold for extended periods

-Form-fitting barrier protects products against extreme temperatures

-High basis weight kraft paper does NOT adhere to the internal payload AND provides a semi-permeable barrier transferring condensation away from the payload

Superior Cold-Chain Packaging Product Performance

  • Maintains temperature zones during transit
  • Keeps temperature longer than Styrofoam (EPS), starch and cotton under the same conditions
  • Variable liner thicknesses available to address specific customer needs

ecoMAX® Cool 1.5 Inch Liners

Test: ISTA 7E Summer Profile using 12 Cube Cartons (9#s Frozen gels)